Careers at Zelador

If you are passionate enough to explore the unexplored and ready for some of the most amazing career rides filled with hard work, honesty, commitment and teamwork. Then you just landed up on the right destination.

Here are the 5 good reasons why you should join us:

  • Newer challenges each day, raising your benchmarks consistently is at the genesis of Zelador and to be imbibed by ever individual working across. Ever progressing career graphs, joyful learning and much fun is a promise in return.
  • We believe in power of Human Capital and value that you bring in to our overall scheme of things.
  • We promise you one rollercoaster of a ride filled with never ending learning, fun all along and serious business at the same time.
  • We take immense pride in our team and it is nothing short of an honour to be a part of this professionally managed and a seasoned set up.
  • Your dreams are no less than one in a Millions & We make them realise!

Candidates can send their resumes to