Our Service


Giving conviction to scripted characters and making them human needs right seamless casting understanding . We have some of the most seasoned team working with the most reputed production houses , OTT players and within TV , Brands ,Digital , Music & Films as our clients.


We help your characters get the most appropriate faces & bring them to life with much conviction and we work with some of the most reputed production houses and casting directors in the country in here.

Music Album

We represent a right blend of seasoned traditional, indie, upcoming or emerging talent repertoire & work with some of the Big Boys of the indian music industry & brands alike.


Mainstream household names are right up our alley and we offer you wide array of talent from this space to make most impactful brand communications. We also happen to work with some of biggest production houses within the segment too.

Originals (Digital)

Fresh talent with fresh exuberance of their craft, We represent some of the most seen , upcoming or emerging talent in this space . We even have our own studio business, working closely with all major OTT players within the indian market.

Virtual Business Driven Opportunities

Facilitating the right talent mix for your virtual business and campaigns there in , We are more of a consultant helping you get this just right without fail riding on our deep understanding of businesses, talents and markets coupled with integrated media approach.

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